Nature Adventure Birthday Parties

Nature Adventure Birthday Parties

Create a birthday party experience your child will never forget at the Nature Center's 40 acre outdoor sanctuary! We offer a variety of wildlife- and science-related birthday party options and will tailor parties to age, group size and season so that no two programs are the same. Highly-trained, professional educators provide a safe, exciting, educational environment for your child and his or her friends!

Our parties come highly recommended from parents and are sure to be the highlight of your child's celebration. Our parties are only open to NCNC members; a family membership may be added at the time of your booking.

Choose from the following party themes:

New Canaan

Awesome Animals Party (all ages)
Spend your birthday learning about the awesome world of animals! Choose live animals from our collection to meet up close and talk about as we learn about what they eat, where they live, and what makes them so awesome. Some of the animals can be touched, too! Naturalists will tailor the program to fit the audience's age. This party can travel to you.

Naturalist Program Time: 50 minutes
Cost: $315.00

Apple Cidering Party (all ages)
This party is bushels of fun as we uncover the entire cidering process, from seed to apple to cider. We’ll start by grabbing some apple pickers and heading to our Apple Orchard. Next we’ll head to our Cider House where we’ll fire up our old-fashioned apple press. And to wrap up the fun, we’ll party down and taste test some fresh cider. This seasonal party is available from September-October.

Naturalist program time: 60 minutes
Cost: $330.00

Syrup Season Party (all ages)
Bring your friends and don’t forget your sweet tooth. We’ll act out an interactive story of how maple syrup was first discovered before heading outside in search of Sugar Maple trees. We’ll also practice how to set a tap and collect sap. From there, we will head to the Sugar Shack to witness sap turning to syrup right before your eyes! And to top it all off, we’ll get to taste some of the finished product. This seasonal party is available from February-March.

Naturalist program time: 60 minutes
Cost: $330.00

Wild Wetlands Party (all ages)
Get your boots on…we’re heading to the pond! During this exciting party, we will uncover the mysteries hiding in our waters here at the Nature Center. Along our journey we’ll search for water creatures such as frogs, fish, salamanders, insects, and more! So grab a net, gather your friends and let’s have some wild wetland fun!

Naturalist Program Time: 60 minutes
Cost: $315.00

Animal Superheros Party (ages 3-8)
Animals have some pretty amazing superpowers! We'll meet three live animals and discover what makes them special. We'll read a great story about animal superheroes and then each child will make her/his own superhero cape to take home. This party can travel to you.

Naturalist Program Time: 50 minutes
Cost: $330.00

Woodland Wonders Party (ages 3-8)
Discover the wonders of the forest! We'll meet three woodland animals, read a story, and go for a walk in the woods. While exploring the outdoors we'll look for critters in the trees, on the ground, and beneath the soil. This is a great party theme for young children!

Naturalist program time: 50 minutes
Cost: $315.00

Walk on the Wild Side Party (ages 3-8)
Get in touch with your inner wild side! We'll head out on an awesome adventure with one of our naturalists to visit some of our favorite spots at NCNC. We may visit the pond, look for critters in the forest, play a game of Camouflage, or more! Educators tailor parties to age, group size and season so that no two programs are the same.

Naturalist Program Time: 50 minutes
Cost: $300.00

Safari Party (ages 5-12)
Have you ever wanted to go on a safari? We can take one right here at NCNC! We'll decorate our very own pith helmets (after all, you can't have a safari without one!) and then meet some exotic animals from around the world, like a hedgehog, a monitor lizard, or a tarantula. This party can travel to you.

Naturalist Program Time: 50 minutes
Cost: $330.00

Garden Magic Party (ages 6-12)
Are plants more your style? Join us for Garden Magic to learn what it takes to have a garden. We'll start with decorating a flower pot, filling it with soil, and planting a seed or flower to take home. We will also meet an animal that can be found in gardens, such as a rabbit or a turtle, and talk about how they survive.

Naturalist Program Time: 60 minutes
Cost: $330.00

Create-a-Critter Party (ages 6-12)
If you love stuffed animals, then this party is for you! We provide a more environmentally-friendly alternative to stuffing a critter at the mall. Each child will create her or his own stuffed animal to take home and will also get to visit with 2 live animals from our collection!

Naturalist Program Time: 70 minutes
Cost: $400.00

Science Mania Party (ages 6-12)
Explore the fun side of science with our Science Mania birthday! We'll make slime, launch film canister rockets, create artificial snow and more! Experiments vary depending on age, weather, group size, and availability. Party guests will be able to take some of their experiments home to show family and friends.

Naturalist Program Time: 60 minutes
Cost: $330.00

Night Hike Party (ages 7-12)
Bet you've never gone on a birthday party night hike before! The party-goers will star gaze, test their senses, and make a spark in the dark as we take an evening trek on the trails. We'll meet two nocturnal animals, such as an owl or a chinchilla too! Please call to check availability. Time varies depending on sunset. This theme is best for older groups of children.

Naturalist Program Time: 60 minutes
Cost: $400.00

Survival Challenge Party (ages 8-12)
Think you've got what it takes to survive in the woods? We'll begin our test with learning how to read a compass or a map. After that we'll hit the trails to learn how to build a survival shelter, learn about local plant species, and maybe even eat some bugs! This party is outdoors and will run rain or shine except in extreme weather, in which case substitutions will be made.

Naturalist Program Time: 60 minutes
Cost: $315.00

The New Canaan Nature Center is permitted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the States of New York and Connecticut for the possession and use of live animals in our educational programs.

Birthday Party Add-ons & Options

Too many themes to choose from? Add a 20 minute program to birthday party themes with a time of 50 minutes or less! Add-ons are limited to one per part and can only be done with on-site parties.

We recommend non-animal add-ons for parties with younger children that already have an animal component. This ensures that younger attention spans have a lot of different things to do.

  • Live Animals: 2 live animals will visit your guests. $35.00
  • Trail Trek: a short walk around our grounds to observe what's happening around NCNC. $35.00
  • Extraordinary Experiment: 1 fun science experiment to round out the party. $35.00
  • Party Ware: use some of our reusable, animal-themed partyware. $50

Traveling Parties

Book a birthday party at your location! Many of our party themes are available for off-site parties and can travel to your house or party location for an additional charge of $75 up to 10 miles. Traveling parties are denoted in the descriptions above.

Party Registration Information

  • Parties prices include birthday child(ren) and up to 15 friends.
  • Additional children, up to a maximum of 25 total children, may attend for an additional $12.00 per child (an additional $15.00 per child for Create-a-Critter and Super Safari programs).
  • Siblings, ages 2 and up, of the birthday child or guest are included in the total number of children.
  • For parties with more than 25 children, an additional educator is required for an additional $100.
  • Parties include a two-hour (120 minute) room rental and an additional 45 minutes for setup and 30 minutes for clean up. This two-hour period includes educator program time and time afterward for refreshments and games.
  • NCNC respectfully requests that the following items not be included in your party: balloons, Styrofoam, live animal party favors, or noisemaker party favors.

NCNC provides:

  • An environmental educator to lead your program
  • Blocks, puzzles and toys in party room for children to play with
  • Child- or Adult tables and chairs
  • Large table for food (extra tables available upon request)
  • Use of Nature Center trails and grounds
  • Access to kitchen facilities (sink, refrigerator, microwave)

A credit card number is kept on file in the event of damage to a room or its contents. A minimum charge of $50.00 will be added to your credit card to cover damages. The New Canaan Nature Center will notify cardholder by phone is a charge is made.

Cancellations & Date Transfer Policy:

Date transfers can be made at no additional charge based on availability. In case of cancellation, refunds will be granted at the discretion of the Birthday Coordinator. Refunds require a notice of 21 days prior to the party date and will be charged a 25% administrative fee. The remaining 75% balance will be refunded.

For more information and to book your party, please call Debbie Jaeger,
(203) 966-9577 x20, Monday - Friday, 9:30 A.M. - 3:30 P.M. or email