Afterschool & Program Series

At School or Nature Center

There is no better way to have students learn about science and the natural world than through one of our after school or program series. Kids will dig deep into one of the following topics in ways that just one program can't do. As we all know, one of the best ways to learn is to come into contact with something multiple times. Plus, our educators are able to forge meaningful relationships with students to make learning even more fun!
Let our professional educators teach a weekly session for a group of up to 12 students (grades K - 5). Sessions can run for three to ten weeks and can be taught to children of a single or two consecutive grade levels (i.e. K-1, 3-4). Our most common after school series themes can be found below. Programs can be designed to accommodate school needs or requests.

Program Series Themes

Each week, students will delve into a storybook, meet live animals and complete a take-home craft based on that week’s theme.

Start your plant from a seed and watch it grow! Learn the basic needs of seeds and plants and learn how interesting plants can be! Seeds can be planted to start a community garden close to you.

Slime, slugs, bugs, bats and more! Students will discover the many things people think are "icky" in this fun program.

A hands-on, interactive look into the natural world. Through games, live animals and projects, young naturalists will get an up close look into the world of nature.

What causes volcanoes to erupt? How does color of plants affect birds? You can answer these questions in this fun "science" program that ends with an experiment each week.

Learn the science of survival while developing an array of skills that will allow you to handle whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Students will explore survival shelters, wild edibles, "natural" tools such as cordage and bow drills, plus the basic tenets of fire building, tracking and compass use.

Don't see a theme that suits your students?

Call our Education Program Director, Geoff McCann to customize your afterschool series today at (203) 966-9577 x38.